Brilliantly Black

A complete guide for Black-owned businesses, restaurants, organizations and more located in Chicagoland.


Celebrating Black Business Month With Groupon

In honor of black business month, Groupon is shining the spotlight on two black owned businesses in Chicago. Check out the businesses below:

NWAR Studios Inc. aims to offer a diverse variety of aesthetic services, such as facials, body waxing, and lash extensions to the beauty-conscious of Chicago’s North and Westside. The studio embraces and celebrates humans of all kinds; NWÄR STUDIOS is the perfect solution for people seeking a safe space and judgment-free zone while receiving aesthetic treatments.

McCoy Consulting LLC. shares the philosophy that "everything we put energy into will grow, develop and expand whether positive or negative". Investing in yourself in a positive way contributes to a better lifestyle and more understanding of those whom you interact with family and clients alike. We believe Life Coaching is a great way to reflect on your accomplishments and figure out your future. Having a plan works even better with you have support through the journey. Talk to your Life Coach today!

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