Brilliantly Black

A complete guide for Black-owned businesses, restaurants, organizations and more located in Chicagoland.


Brilliantly Black Spotlight: Johnnie's Pie, LLC

 Johnnie's Pie operates out of North Chicago, IL., as a partner with Ruby's Soul Food Restaurant. They are a family owned business providing sweet-potato baked goods throughout the Chicagoland area. Their calling card is exemplary customer service to each and every consumer while offering a high-quality, deliciously made, sweet potato product. They specialize in Sweet potato pie with a personal touch of love. The founders Father "Johnnie" died of lung cancer so they donate a percentage of proceeds to various cancer-fighting agencies and urge consumers to do the same.  Find more info below.

•      FB:


•      JP Hotline: 1-800-531-7646

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