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Brilliantly Black Spotlight: Kenny's Ribs & Ribs and Soul, Dusties Kitchen

Kenny's Ribs & Ribs and Soul, Dusties Kitchen (Formally Dusties Buffet)

Currently Serving the South Suburban Chicago areas w/ locations in Lansing, Matteson, Country Club Hills & Calumet Park. Be on the lookout for New Locations Opening Soon

Kenny's Ribs & Ribs and Sou is in the business of satisfying people's hunger in more ways then one! Those ways include serving GREAT FOOD via Pickup, Carry out and catering!

Since 1984 we have fed 10’s of millions of people with our famous Chicago Pit Style Barbecue & our Southern Style Soul Food & Right now we are offering 15% discounts for anyone who’s listening to this broadcast to eat at our restaurants using the promo code listed on our website: DustiesKitchen.Com &

Dr. Kenny Lewis Sr is a Legendary Entrepreneur & Author, who has successfully launched over 100 businesses. He has 65 years of entrepreneurial experience. His life’s purpose is to feed the Spirt of the Entrepreneur because this is the Era of the Entrepreneur.

Visit their website (KLSEntreprenuerCommunity.Com) to get a FREE assessment (valued at $199) that will help Dr. Lewis to evaluate your entrepreneurial Skill Set.

He's had 65 years… that’s nearly Seven Decades of business success. He's paid the price to learn so that you don’t have to, and he's ready to give back

·      Websites: DustiesKitchen.Com, & KLSEntreprenuerCommunity.Com

·      Facebook Page: @TheLegendaryEntrepreneur 

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