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Brilliantly Black Spotlight: BAG Lady Outreach

BAG Lady Outreach {BAG is an acronym for Blessings and Grace}

BAG Lady Outreach is a non-profit organization that serves families in need. BAG has helped realign men, women, and families in underserved communities with resources and support to alleviate poverty and promote community. They create hygiene/blessing purses and bags to promote healthy hygiene habits for the community that include toiletry items, face masks, hand sanitizers, tissue, socks, etc.

Their efforts have made a great impact in the community since organizing in January 2019.

The founder, Archana has been doing this work since for the last 6 years.

Website –

Facebook – BAG Lady Outreach (

Instagram – BAG Lady Outreach (

Email (, or Call: 708-232-3930

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