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Brilliantly Black Spotlight: Beauty and Brains Organization

Beauty and Brains Organization is based in the Chicagoland area, but with the release of their upcoming app, they will have nationwide reach. The city is filled with limitless potential, however, a lack of resources and funding can restrict future possibilities for the youth, which Beauty and Brains Organization aims to combat.

Beauty and Brains Organization provides scholarships, mentorship, and educational and lifestyle resources to Black women as they progress from high school into higher education and onto their professional careers. They specialize in empowering women to have confidence in their abilities and encourage them to bring their whole selves into everything they do. Their goal is to be of service to Black women as they navigate and persist against the unique limitations placed on us by society. Founded in 2018- they are going on three years in operation. Find their contact information below.


- Instagram: @beautyandbrainsorg

- Facebook:

 Preferred contact:

- Involvement: While we await the release of their own ‘Blessed & Balanced’ app, follow them on Instagram. For more information on the app, go to

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