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The MLB is headed to London! The league announced it's new two-year partnership with the London mayor's office this morning. 

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will be the first two teams to play overseas in a two-game series on June 29th and 30th 2019. They'll be playing in the same stadium that the 2012 Olympic Games were held in. 

A list of teams that will also play overseas is to be released later this season. 

Last night might have been one of the most important nights of the year from a fashion standpoint. The Met Gala is infamous for bringing out the most extravagant celebrity outfits but Tom Brady is receiving some harsh criticism for his outfit choice. 

Fashion statement or nah? 

Good news for the Farquhar family, Danny Farquhar has been released from the hospital to begin his road to recovery. 

Thankfully, his neurosurgeon has confirmed that he is expected to pitch again but will not be released to do so this season.

Wishing you a speedy road to recovery Danny!

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