Meghan Markle Undergoes Invasive Procedure

So before Prince Harry would officially seal the deal with the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, the Suits star was required to take a fertility test. Procreating is a pretty serious matter when you're dealing with producing royalty. 

In order for the Prince to proceed with the marriage, he needed to be sure his bride would be able to start a family. When a rep for the royal family was asked about the rumors they responded with, "the royal family is not above invasive traditions when it comes to marriage."  Rumor has it even years back the Queen went as far as having the late Princess Diana's virginity tested before her marriage to Prince Charles. 

Something tells me this is just the beginning of 'invasive' procedures for the new Duchess on behalf of the royal family. Did you know there's also a list of 'dont's' for the 'royal moms' to follow?