Kim K Prepping For Life As First Lady

Following the 2018 presidential election, Kayne West voiced his interest in running for the 2024 election. If that happens and assuming he wins, that makes Kim Kardashian West our next First Lady. But don't worry - she confirmed this week, she is ready to fill that role. “Kim is dreaming of becoming the next Michelle Obama and becoming the most loved and powerful woman on earth,” an insider told Britain's Closer magazine.

Even though it's six years until Kanye can start his campaign, according to, Kim already has a plan in motion to create a "more serious image." In the past couple of months, we've already seen Kim take more of a political initiative. The reality star met with our current president, Donald Trump to help grant clemency to former drug dealer, Alice Johnson. It's also been confirmed that she's picking out larger scale topics to take devote more of her time to. 

In case you were wondering what life would really look like if Kim K was to become our First Lady, here's a list of 15 things you can probably expect.