'God Is A Woman' BTS

Just two weeks ago ARIANA GRANDE released her powerful new hit, 'God Is A Woman.' Along with the debut of her new single, she released one of the most artistic and unique music videos we've ever seen. Ari put her tiny, fit body on display covered in soft hue paint to open the video with. 

The music video was heavily influenced by the well-known painter, Georgia O'Keefe. This makes total sense since the opening scene consists of Ariana Grande's naked body floating in a pool of pink and purple paint that strongly resembles the female anatomy. 

One of the biggest questions though was how did this scene materialize into what we as fans see? Alexa Meade, the mastermind painter behind the creation and she's sharing all the behind the scenes details. The painter said though preparing for the shoot included 15-hour days, the actual scene only took about 20 minutes to complete. So how did she create such a beautiful display of art in a pool without it looking like a hot mess? 

Meade told Yahoo.com

"We initially came up with the idea of creating this giant stencil that would lay down on the surface of the water then sink to the bottom, allowing the paint to float up and out, coming off the stencil. For the first take, that worked. But for the second take, we realized, it would involve another 20 minutes of time to re-create the stencil again. It was essentially this giant wire, metal-frame apparatus that we covered in absorbent material, soaked in paint. It took four people to carry it. We had to dip it around Ariana's body, hold it for a moment, then let it submerge so the paint would create those lines. So, me, Sheila, and my three assistants ended up running laps around the pool squirting paint onto the water instead."

And if you still haven't seen the finished version... without further ado. 

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