23 French Bulldog Puppies Rescued

23 French Bulldogs have found a new home in Chicago, Illinois after being illegally transported as cargo from Kiev., Ukraine to Texas. Once the puppies reached Texas two members of the Humane Society boxed them up in tightly sealed plastic crates with temperatures reaching up to 121 degrees. 

Adding to the extreme temperatures they also had no access to food or water leading to various degrees of heat exhaustion and one dead. 

The dogs were luckily discovered by Texarkana, Texas police during a traffic stop. The Bulldogs were taken from the two Humane Society workers and were flown here to Chicago to the French Bulldog Rescue center. Since their arrival, four more puppies passed from various illnesses caused by such extreme prior neglect.

The dogs are currently in isolated intensive care and though none of the puppies are currently available for adoption, when they are completely nursed back to health some will go to an already chosen foster homes and some will be available for adoption. 

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