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The Top Halloween Costumes of 2018

It's not even October yet, but if you're a planner who wants to get a head of the ball when it comes to planning out your 2018 Halloween costume then this list for you. Luckily, you don't have to sit and wonder what the hottest costume trends will be this year because the experts have you covered.

 Thank you, experts.  

1. Tonya Harding 

This is the second year in a row Margot Robbie has killed it in a hit role, thus inspiring fans everywhere to dress as her character. Last year Robbie's character from Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn was a hit with thousands. But, that's so 2017, this year it's all about her newest character, Tonya Harding from I, Tonya. 

2. Riverdale Characters

If you are a Netflix-frequent then this will come as no surprise to you. In fact, Pinterest saves for Riverdale costumes are up 316 percent this year! The two characters who are leading the pack as far as costume-inspo are Betty and Jughead. If that's not your jam though, you have a whole group of other characters to choose from or get your friends in on the fun too! 

3. 90's Icons 

I mean, need I say more? The list of iconic 90s movies you can choose from is endless but just in case you need a little inspiration, I've got you covered. Starting with my personal favorite 90s movie, Clueless, but here's a list of a couple while we're on the subject:

- Pretty Woman 

- Home Alone

- Mrs. Doubtfire

- Space Jam 

4. A Warrior of Wakanda

This Marvel movie became the highest-grossing superhero flick of all time so no surprise here. If you live in the Northern suburb of Wauconda (out basically in the middle of no-where Illinois) this costume could be especially fitting for you. 'Pins' for Wakanda Warrior make-up and inspo is up 504%. 

These costume warriors ain't playin'.

5. Flamingo

I mean, why... but also why not. Not sure where this costume interest came from but could be cute. 

6. Edna Mode

The Incredibles 2 was released earlier this summer and it just wouldn't of been the same with the almighty-Edna Mode. The only real staple you need for this costume is a pair of black framed glasses and an A-line black dress. Talk about simple but cute. #BallinOnABudget

7. ABBA-inspired Dancing Queens

Yes! Yes! Yes! My personal favorite Halloween costume choice on this list. 

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again came out this past June and saw immense success. The film raked in over $360 million after spending only $75 million to produce. For this costume the key is color, color, color. And if you can find an old big stereo to lug around with you while blasting "Dancing Queen," you'll really be the MVP. 

8. Cow 

An oldie but a goodie. Pretty sure 90% of us were dressed as cows for Halloween as a baby. It's like a baby-staple after you're a pumpkin, I don't know why but it's just apart of the unwritten baby costume rules. Can you tell I have zero children. 

Any who, you can't go wrong with this choice and apparently the internet agrees because pins on cow makeup and costume are up almost 680 percent year on year! 

Can I just add - I'm particularly glad that good ole' Pennywise didn't make this list this year. Seeing scary clowns all over the place last year was not my idea of a good time. 

Once again, thank you experts. 

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