Dramatic, exciting, heart might of skipped a couple beats.... the Cubs v. Rockies series was anything but boring. The Cubbies took the series 2-1 yesterday after their 9-7 game 3 victory.  

Speaking of my heart skipping a beat - Kris Bryant was hit by a 96 mph fastball. This 'OMG' moment happened during the 6th inning, quickly after Kris stepped into the box. Luckily, the ball just clipped the brim of Bryants' helmet knocking off his sunglasses but no serious injuries or concussion. Thank you baseball Gods. 

Also, big CONGRATS to Jose Quintana who became the first Colombian-born pitcher to record 1,000 career strikeouts. 

LeBron James is a part-time stylist? 

Well....sort of. LeBron took it upon himself to make sure the team showed up in style, getting everyone fitted for matching suits. Despite wearing matching suits to their previous game against the Pacers and losing - bad luck charms don't seem to bother the Cavs because they did it again for Game 4. 

One source said the idea behind the matching suits regardless of game performance is simply "unity." With all the controversary circulating Cavalier player, Tristan Thompson lately it's easy to see why that could be believable. 

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