Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson Team Up For New Calvin Klein Campaign

In the new Calvin Klein #MYCALVINS campaign, it's time for Paris Jackson, Millie Bobby Brown & Lulu to get their shine. As stated above, they are "the faces of a new generation" and congrats to them for. All these girls are rising stars and I'm super happy for them. My question is, why is everyone in this barn? I just don't get the barn. Why is it so cool to put models in places they would NEVER be? You think I'm crazy, huh? Let's break it down:

You and I both know the Kardashians don't just do this!

Solange, Kelela & Dev Hynes all know a barn is the WORST place to capture quality acoustics for a song like that, let alone any song really!

I just don't get the barn concept but I'm happy for Millie, Paris & Lulu. Congrats ladies!

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