The Weeknd Releases New Music & We All Have Selena Gomez To Thank

Selena put Abel in his feels over the course of a 10-month relationship and we're finally reaping the benefits. Today, The Weeknd released 'My Dear Melancholy,' a 6-track project dedicated to what seems to be his past relationship with ex, Selena Gomez. Wow is this thing good! If you're a fan of The Weeknd then this new "EP" will send you right back to House Of Balloons. Best part about it, or anything controversial today really, the internet lost it's mind. 

The internet is at a crossroads with Selena. They're either dragging her for doing The Weeknd so dirty or they're thanking her for doing The Weeknd so dirty. It's up to you to decide where you stand. Selena, however, seems unfazed by it all. Also today, she took to instagram to post pics of herself, all smiles

If she's actually this savage, I can't be mad. We were blessed with quality music today so no one really lost. Stream The Weeknd's latest masterpiece, 'My Dear Melancholy' here.