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You Can't Go On Twitter Without Seeing Kanye West

Ok guys. Put lightly because I know this is a charged topic, Kanye West has been doing some things on the internet recently. Tweets and pictures have been flying around and a lot of people are upset but some people are excited because they just found out about Kanye West? It's a weird world we live in currently but I've complied a list of Yeezy's recent tweets to see where people lost hope in their lord and savior, Yeezus...

So here is where Kanye attempted to hush the noise that was his fans saying he was in the "Sunken Place," a reference to Jordan Peele's 2017 hit film 'Get out.' And to answer this question, yea kind of Kanye. That couch alllllll the way back there quite literally looks like it's sinking. Probably wouldn't have used this photo to prove your point.

This tweet is like when someone says "I don't mean to be rude but..." followed something really rude because right after this he tweeted some things that would lead you to believe he agrees with Trump 100%. For example...

This MAGA hat. V questionable for the fans Kanye. This is where the backlash started. You can imagine the masses turning on him once he posted this. Alternatively, this is where he garnished the attention of some newer viewers. You can imagine who they are.

Now, I have to warn you. The next tweet is the HOTTEST take I've seen on Twitter for a while, especially coming from Mr. West. Proceed with catuion.


That's a lot to unload in such a short tweet. You want to be Twitter in a frenzy. Be Kanye West and tweet that. Low key, I think he just still mad that Obama called him a jackass years back because that's such a spicy thing to say out of context.

Then the president endorsed his tweets which was pretty much the nail in the coffin. Some Kanye fans will never look at Kanye the same again, let alone be a fan. Can we please just get back to the music?!

Thank you Kanye for this snippet. June can't get here enough. Since tomorrow's Friday, maybe we stay Twitter? Just for the day. We need time to breathe and process your live action book, sir.

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