*NSYNC Receives Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Today was *NSYNC Day in Hollywood as my favorite boy band received their star on the Hollywood walk of fame. It's been a long time coming but with the way they've influenced so many people over the years, it's only right that *NSYNC deserves such an award. I mean look at all the people who showed up!

It's great to see after all this time Justin Timberlake talks of his bandmates like *NSYNC is still around and touring today. If there were ever any differences you couldn't tell here. The brotherly love is strong. 

As beautiful and touching as this ceremony was, Ellen Degerenes had to break all that up and she really stole the show when she did. Snide remarks left and right but obviously it's all love!

Also glad that JC Chasez took the time out to get everyone's favorite *NSYNC joke. Today is of course the last day you can say "It's Gonna Be May." Check the video below and Happy *NSYNC Day!

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