Food From Shedd Aquarium Not The Reason Prom-Goers Fell Ill

Last month more than 100 students from Andrew High School fell ill after attending prom held at the Shedd Aquarium. Today, the Cook County Department of Public Health issued a statement saying that there is no connection between the food served and all the students getting sick. Any Millennial in 2018 can tell you that 1 of 2 things happened. Either A, the stomach flu was already going around and is easy to spread considering you have a lot of people in one place OR, B, those high schoolers pregamed way too hard. I feel like Hollywood has made countless movie over this exact situation. Glad to see the Cook County Department of Public Health got involved but I think you can just watch Superbad to figure out what went down. In any event, congrats to the graduating class of 2018 at Andrew High School!