Somehow A Drake Diss To Pusha T Has Kim K Going Off On Twitter

There's a lot to unpack here. At the start of Memorial Day Weekend, Pusha T, the president of Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music, released his new album, DAYTONA. On the last track, 'Infrared,' King Push addressed Drake is his lack of penmanship on several of his songs. Basically Pusha T wanted in on what Meek Mill got burned trying to do to Drizzy way back when. Hours after the release, Drake came back with a diss record of his own. In the song, Drake said he's sending Kanye an invoice because his song is going to get them more views on Pusha T's new album, ultimately doing promotional work for them. Being that Drake is petty he actually sent an invoice.  

I'm not even mad at him for this. Not only is this hilarious but Drake is keeping that old school hip hop energy alive. However, this is only the beginning. Rhymefest, a long time collaborator of Kanye West's and co-founder of the Chicago nonprofit, Donda's House, asked Drake to send the money he gets from Pusha T and Kanye to help fund the organization. Not only that but he also made a point to let us know how Kanye feels about the youth of Chicago:

Yeezy can't catch a break these days. I mean there's a serious issue if that's what was said (and knowing Kanye, it's possible). BUT, before we could even get time to process Rhymefest's entrance into the fray, Kim Kardashian jumps in to defend her man!

KIM IS GETTING WILD SPICY ON TWITTER AND I'M HERE FOR IT. Well kind of. I will say I love that she's so ride or die for Kanye. She's definitely a keeper. That being said, trigger fingers are really turning to twitter fingers here. This is such a "Kanye" thing to do which let's me know the love is alive but the real issue is that Donda's House is a nonprofit organization that is trying to help the youth of Chicago and it being talked about like this just to prove a point doesn't help anyone. In an effort to settle the dust, Donda's House themselves then issued a statement saying they'd be changing their name, effective immediately. 

If you feel tired after all of this, that's natural. I definitely do. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the future of Donda's House and if Kanye and Kim will be getting involved in the community of Chicago. Hopefully your grill was the only thing this heated on your Memorial Day Weekend. 

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