Beyoncé May Not Be Holding Her Own Twins At OTRII Tour

Last night, Beyoncé and JAY-Z kicked off their On The Run 2 tour in Cardiff and when you're the best performer in the world you know everyone was awaiting to see what Beyoncé and her husband were going to do. The show starts off with some amazing visuals but what got everyone so excited were what seems to Bey's twin babies, Sir and Rumi Carter. The people rejoiced:

However, Buzzfeed came through with their investigative journalism and were quick to let everyone know those aren't actually the Carter twins...

And naturally people lost their minds. 

Imagine being rich enough to say "No no. I won't subject my own children to this. I want to use someone else's babies for my tour." ...and everyone around you is like yea get her someone else's kids! Wild. Here I am going to concerts wondering who the surprise guests will be and Beyoncé's out here rolling up with impersonators. She's clearly living years ahead of us.

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