LEGO Miniland Is The World You Didn't Know You Needed

Are you a Lego fanatic? Have you ever wanted to feel like Godzilla in a major city? Regardless of how you answered either of these questions, Lego Miniland USA in LEGOLAND, California, needs to be checked out by everyone. With over 10 million Lego bricks and about 8 thousand Lego people (or Minilanders), this miniature environment recreates realistic cities for us giants to wonder and roam. I would get lost in Lego New York City alone. It holds a One World Trade replica that sits at 26 feet tall, being the tallest Lego structure in the world. There's also a Lego San Fransisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New England and Washington D.C. Which Lego city in Lego Miniland would you check out first?