Blake Shelton Falls On Stage, Blames Pitbull

Summer's in full effect as everyone seems to have been partying hard this past weekend. Blake Shelton at Pendleton Whiskey Music Fest in Oregon is an honorable mention as he fell on stage during his performance. Instead of hiding what happened he took to Twitter to see who had the video:

It didn't stop there. Shelton then went on to blame his lack of sobriety on Pitbull as he brings out the everyone's competitive nature when it comes to dancing:

Finally someone came through with a video of his embarrassing slip up. See below.

Blake Shelton is really a man of the people. He got what he wanted to was hoping for a shot of his fall closer up. Well the people delivered:

I'm definitely going to catch Blake Shelton at any festival he's performing at if Pitbull's there from now on!

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