The Iron Man Suit Exists And It was Built With 3D Printers & Jet Engines

We're getting to that part-scary, part-exciting moment where we can create the things we see in the movies. And of all the movies to be pulling from, building something similar to Iron Man is nothing short of incredible. Meet Richard Browning, an oil trader turned gravity-defying inventor who's put together a flying Iron Man-like suit. However, he doesn't like to be compared to the Marvel superhero, probably because he doesn't want people to see this his creation as a war machine (see what I did there??). Aside from the movie comparisons, Browning's journey through trial and error is inspiring to say the least. These flying suits aren't available to the public just yet--thank god--as he's still perfecting it but it's amazing how far he's come. What's that saying? "One small step for man..." or something?