Post Malone Just Beat One Of Michael Jackson's Records

Who would've thought the guy that everyone thinks smells is breaking records of the likes of Michael Jackson? It was hard to believe at first but after seeing his Lollapalooza performance, I totally understand now. Post Malone is the rockstar of this generation and will be talked about as one of the greats years down the road. According to Billboard, as of this week, Post Malone's Stoney has sat in the top 10 of the Top R&B/Hip Hop chart for 77 straight weeks, beating out Michael Jackson's previously owned record of 76 weeks with Thriller during 1983-84. I didn't think I'd ever be comparing 'Congratulations' to 'Billie Jean' but here we are. That being said, congratulations are in order for Young Stoney as he continues to prove--remember, numbers don't lie--he is the one of the greatest artists of all time.