Scientists Eat LEGO "Heads" For Science

Get ready for a wild read: Scientists in the UK and Australia tested how unsafe it would be to pass a LEGO pieces assuming children ate them. So a team of six each swallowed a LEGO "head" (OMG imagine if it was a square building block) and figured out how long it would take. 

Here's where it gets fun: Author Grace Leo came up with two ways in which one could figure out how unsafe digesting a LEGO was with the Stool Hardness and Transit score & the Found and Retrieve Time score. If you're keeping up, this group was testing how long it takes to poop out LEGOs with the SHAT & FART scores as a guide. Yup. Best part, there's more!

Leo reported that for 5 out of 6 researchers, it took 1-3 days for them to "pass" the LEGO and they didn't experience any pain or illness. However, the LEGO head didn't show up for one of the researchers for two whole weeks to which they made him check EVERY STOOL HE TOOK IN THAT TIME. You know, for science. My only frustration comes from the fact that grown adults got paid to do this when I'm sure me and my cousins did this for free as kids. For more info, check the video below.