Kanye West Was A Weekend Warrior On Twitter

SO MUCH to upack. Kanye apparently just listened to Travis Scott's 'Sicko Mode' which prompted him to call out Drake and Trav on Twitter. Kanye's biggest problem was that he didn't like the way Drake was sneak dissing him on 'Sicko Mode' which the "checks over stripes" line. To break that down, it's a reference to Nike and Adidas. Travis Scott & and Drake was deals with Nike while Kanye has a deal with Adidas. 

During this whole thing, Ariana Grande had a new song dropping and promo'd it by calling out Kanye's rant. Kanye wasn't having any of that. He immediately called her out as well claiming this was more about his mental health and if she wasn't ready to really dissect everyone's feelings that she shouldn't try to coattail off the situation. 

Kylie Jenner then got involved backing Travis Scott by letting everyone know everything's all love. Travis sided with Drake during the heat of the beef but Kylie cleared up that confusion. Apparently Kanye has talked with both Drake and Travis Scott and things are better. We'll if Drake has any more sneak dissing features in the future though.