Rihanna Is Suing Her Father Over Their Last Name

Imagine your parent giving you their last name and then you turn around and sue them for it. It's funnier when you think about it that way but there really is no laughing matter in this ordeal. Rihanna is taking her father, Ronald Fenty, to court over the use of the "Fenty" name. In recent years, Fenty Beauty has become one of the biggest names and Rihanna's ventures. She has the "Fenty" name brand trademarked but daddy dearest figured it'd be ok to start his own Fenty Entertainment back in 2017. 

Nothing wrong with a little family business right? Wrong. According to the lawsuit, Ronald and a business partner falsely advertised themselves as Rihanna's reps to sort of fast track their business. RiRi has sent several cease and desist letters to no avail as he continues to make money off of Fenty Entertainment. Full story below.