Ballsy! Nearly Naked Chicagoan Rollerblades Down Lakefront In Polar Vortex

The polar vortex stories continue. From throwing boiling water in the air to lighting train tracks on fire, Chicagoans truly turn into different people in subzero conditions. This time time around, things get a little weird as a camera caught a nearly naked man rollerblading along the lakefront during record breaking lows. With the wind chill factor bringing the windy city to a balmy -58 degrees, this warrior decided it was time to bust out the booty shorts and the blades and hit the streets. I guarantee that man has frostbite on his entire body. At least he wasn't the guy that fell in Lake Michigan during the polar vortex . I burnt my lip on hot cocoa as I typed this so I guess I can't relate. Check out the wind and wheels below.