Delivery Man Faces Felony After Dipping Testicles In Salsa

In today's episode of tip your service industry worker, a Tennessee man dipped his family jewels in some salsa that was out for delivery by a friend. The video starts with the delivery person saying "this is what you get when you give an 89-cent tip on almost a 30 minute drive," so right off the bat you know no good can come of this. Howard "Matt" Webb then proceeds to dip his privates in salsa exclaiming how good its feels. According to Buzzfeed the police caught wind of the video and arrested the 31-year old last Friday.

All in all, this is super messed up. However, always be kind and do tip your delivery drivers, waiters, etc. accordingly. Wouldn't want some bar nuts in your sauce if you get what I'm saying. Full video below.