Ariana Grande Releases New Video Performance For Vogue Magazine

It needs to be said that premiere magazines are reshaping the idea of music journalism. Artists no longer need to run to blogs and sole music publications when you've got names like Vogue creating (and renaming) music videos like this one. It's a quality-over-quantity world and both Grande and Vogue get it.

With the help of her dog and quite possibly best friend Toulouse, Ariana Grande covers Vogue Magazine and delivers a "Video Performance" of her song 'In My Head' off Thank U, Next. A pretty straightforward concept, minus the ghost-like heels and shoes, Grande gives us a, dare I say, music video reminiscent of 90's pop and hip-hop. Fluorescent-lit long hallway backdrop, a minor dance routine and close-ups. Listing all the classic music videos that follow that formula, however, I'm pretty sure this "video performance" is another nod to her boys *NSYNC. See Ariana Grande's performance below.