The Big Rewind: The Bachelorette, Lion King Reviews & Exploding Sushi

Very TV and Twitter heavy on the today's Big Rewind. Exploding sushi is officially a thing. Sushi restaurants in Wisconsin, Virginia and Minnesota have claimed a collective half million dollars in damage after tempura flakes spontaneously combust in the kitchen. Apparently, canola and certain soy bean oils together make things go boom in the night.

After Trump's rant on Twitter regarding racist remarks towards congresswomen of color, celebrities like Chris Evans stepped up to comment on said racism and how it's affecting the president's base. The public then took to Evans' side claiming he should run for president.

The 2019 Emmy nominations came out and it seems like a strong majority of them are going to non-traditional television shows, for example, Game Of Thrones is leading with 32 nominations. Weird considering HBO is a subscription-based service. Barry and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, both shows from subscription-based platforms raking in 17 and 20 nominations, respectively. Looks like there's a shift in television service providers...or where we're just putting our money.

Lots of mixed reviews are coming in for the new Lion King remake. Mainly, critics have come through to tear it apart. " just starts to look like more of a star-studded National Geographic special than a Disney movie." "Who needs bright and beautiful colors of animation when you can have different 84 shades of tan?" A lot of people are agreeing with one critic in particular claiming these statements are accurate.

Last night's episode of The Bachelorette had Bachelor Nation rejoicing as Hannah FINALLY got rid of Luke P. During the Fantasy Suites episode, Luke P demanded to know that Hannah was not sleeping with the other contestants. Hannah had a problem with him trying to control her actions and ultimately told Luke that she had had sex not once but twice.

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