The Big Rewind: Four Loko, Bella Thorne, Chris Cuomo and more!

Four Loko has announced a hard seltzer to rule them all and it seems many have already gotten their hands on it considering how crazy people are getting. CNN's Chris Cuomo was filmed getting into an altercation with a man for calling "Fredo," Italian slur based on The Godfather. Instead of taking the high road, Cuomo swore and got ready to fight. Bella Thorne is making her directorial debut with *drum roll* Pornhub. She originally planned to make a horror Christmas movie but now it'll be something probably sex. And all of this is happening while Four Loko has thrown their hat in the ring, announcing a hard seltzer. Except their drink has a whopping 14% alcohol. All that and more in today's Big Rewind!