Deshaun Watson Speaks On Why He Was Looking For Masseuses

TMZ is reporting that Deshaun Watson is blaming COVID for the need to hit social media & look for a therapist. Watson claims that his usual masseuse could not reach him for therapy due to the pandemic.

Deshaun is still claiming that all the sexual abuse allegations against him is not true. He is saying that due to his normal masseuse not being able to make it to him, he took suggestions from fellow athletes as to who could help him out. Sources are also saying that when Watson reached out he made sure the women were comfortable with the massage and would respect his privacy. Bottom line is that Deshaun claims he never crossed the line with any of the women. He is also not willing to settle outside of court for any of his 4-year, $156 million contract extension.

Attorney Tony Buzbee is saying differently after speaking to the 22 women who are claiming that Watson had violated them. Most of these women are filing lawsuits against Deshaun claiming that he reached out them on Instagram to schedule a massage session. Buzbee has personally spoken to all accusers and has decided to move forward with the lawsuits.

We'll see what happens in court


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