Tiger Woods Crash Investigation Shows He Never Hit The Brakes

More information has come out from the Tiger Woods crash investigation. According to TMZ, police are reporting that there is no evidence to suggest that Tiger hit the brakes as his vehicle flew off the road. Even more alarming, they found that he never took his foot off the gas either.

The Sheriff's Department has been looking at all aspects of the crash including the black box, which I didn't even know cars had? The main new takeaway is that it does not look like Tiger did anything to stop or prevent the accident.

At the beginning of his drive, Tiger was not speeding but right before his crash, the evidence showed that he was speeding and even accelerated into the crash. Now authorities are thinking that Tiger had passed out right before the accident. Feeding into this theory is that Tiger originally said that he did not remember anything from the experience.

It is important to note that after the crash, Tiger showed no signs of impaired driving, drugs or alcohol. Tiger is recovering from leg surgery from the crash. PRAYERS UP!


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