An Intruder Gets Into Johnny Depp's House

There must be something very attractive about Johnny Depp's home that keeps bringing unwanted guests inside. Another intruder has made their way into Johnny's house and he really got comfortable!

Police say they got a call to Depp's house this past Thursday. One of Jonny's neighbors called law enforcement when they came across a homeless man outside their home. The neighbor confronted the man which startled him and caused him to them jump the gate on Johnny's property.

Upon noticing the man, Depp's security then called 911 and reported that the man made his way into the home. When first responders got on scene, the found the man taking a shower in one of Johnny's bathrooms and refusing to come out. Police had to force entry into the room to arrest the intruder.

Investigators also noticed that the man made himself a drink while inside the home as well.


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