Taylor Swift Teases Us With New Song Titles

Taylor Swift really knows how to send the Swifties into a COMPLETE tailspin.

With the re-release of her sophomore album "Fearless" dropping Friday, Taylor really wants her fans to work for these song titles. She has confirmed that some new songs will be included on the album. She has named these songs "From The Vault" as they did not make it on the original version of the album.

The first song of the Fearless "vault" songs came out 2 weeks ago, "You All Over Me" featuring Maren Morris.

Now, Taylor has released a new video on her social media channels with jumbled words, seemingly spelling out the rest of the Vault song titles.

Swifties have dove in and began trying to crack the code. Some song titles have been guessed and special guest Keith Urban has been decoded.

Also, some fans have reversed the sound in the video and it sounds like it's a new song snippet.

We will find out if the speculations are correct this Friday! Check out the video below and see what you think!

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