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'Jeopardy!' Contestants Don't Get Free Airfare or Hotel

"Jeopardy!" Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational  Tournament Show Taping

Photo: Getty Images North America

Even though this has been the Jeopardy! policy for several years, according to FOX News, fans of the show seem to have just discovered that contestants have to provide money for their own travel and stay.

A trending conversation on Twitter, here's what some fans had to say:

"Personally, I think covering travel/lodging would make the show more accessible to a wider range of contestants. Not everyone can afford a trip to LA with no guarantee of payback."

"Of the $125m in profit per year that show makes you'd think they could carve out $1.725m for travel for 230 shows x 3 contestants x $2500 per trip. I mean they've got to be saving on host salary now."

"There are some extremely smart people out there but can’t afford all the extras just to get there."

Contestants who do not win their show are reportedly given consolation prizes, with the second-place winner receiving $3,000 and the third-place winner $1,000.

Do you think the consolation prizes are worth the cost of airfare and hotel?

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