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Taylor Momsen Reveals Why She Left 'Gossip Girl'

2007 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11

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Spotted: Little J (Taylor Momsen) and Lonely Boy (Penn Badgley) reunited!

On the latest episode of Badgley's podcast, Podcrushed, the two former co-stars reflected on their time on the infamous TV drama series Gossip Girl (2007).

When asked about her decision to leave the show in its third season, according to PEOPLE, Momsen reveals she was thrown into show business at the age of 2.

“Literally, as soon as I got to an age where I could make my own decisions, it was like a click… I woke up one morning and went, ‘Wait a second. I don’t have to do this? I don’t have to do this other job? I can just play in my band and tour and write songs? I can just do that?’”

“Granted, [it was] a little more complicated to get out of a television show than that, but the answer was yes. Like, you can just do that. I have the ability to create my life how I want to live it...it was like a light bulb went off.”

Makes total sense!

Want to hear the full conversation? Listen below:

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