9 Reasons Why It's Actually Fine To Be Single During The Holidays

The holidays, AKA cuffing season, is typically when everyone you know gets into a relationship. If you're like me, then you're as single as a pringle (AND LOVING IT!) 

Here are 10 reasons why it's perfectly okay to be single this holiday season.

1. You save a lot of money.

No buying tons of gifts for him/her, expensive outfits, etc. How nice is that?

2. You don't have to meet the parents/family (dreading, I know.)

Meeting the parents is always stressful. By being single, you can avoid all of this.

3. Your family can't embarrass you in front of a new potential bae.

You won't have to worry about your crazy tia or dad saying/doing something in front of your significant other. SCORE.

4. You don't have to plan your evenings around anyone else.

Deciding who's family you're going to visit on Christmas, where you are going to open presents with the family, etc can be exhausting. By being single, you don't have to plan your evening around anyone else.

5. You can meet and hang with other people. December is a great month to never know who you will meet!

Just because it's December doesn't mean the fun should stop. You can still date and do fun things: ice skating, get hot chocolate, and so much more if you're single and casually dating during the holiday season.

6. You can avoid putting on the extra holiday weight.

Because having a significant other means more food and more calories. AMIRIGHT?

7. You don't have to stress over finding the "perfect" gifts.

Finding the perfect gift for my significant other will be the death of me. It's so stressful even thinking about it. This holiday season, you can avoid it AT ALL COSTS.

8. You can 100% focus on your family.

Because family is forever.

9. You can do whatever you want...where ever you want!

YOLO. If you want to book a flight while on holiday break...go for it. Because you don't have to check with anyone to see if "we have plans". Want to go on four dates in a day and end it with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine. YAAAAAAS. Do it.

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