Denny's Rolls Out T-Shirt That Gives You Free Meals For A Year

If you're obsessed with breakfast, here is one Black Friday deal that you WON'T want to miss! This year, Denny's is going to be a selling a shirt that will get you FREE breakfast for a year!

Introducing, The "Everyday Value" Tee. For just $5.99, you'll receive a t-shirt with a QR code that will get a FREE "Everyday Value Slam", everyday for a whole entire year!

Only 150 shirts will be sold and again, you can only get your hands on one this Black Friday. Head to to learn more and see other Denny's merch!

Anyone else hungry? I think I know what I'll be shopping for this year lol.

Photo: Skyhobo - iStock Unreleased / Getty

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