Tom Hanks And Jennifer Aniston Are The Celebs People Want To Vacation With

With a lot of the country dealing with cold weather, there’s no doubt most people are sitting at their desks dreaming of a vacation, and while they’re dreaming, who says they have to take that trip with their significant other. A new survey asked people which celebrity they’d love to go on a vacation with and where, and, well, there’s no beating Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston.

Hanks was by far the most favorite male celebrity to vacation with, receiving 34% of the vote, followed by George Clooney (24%) and Denzel Washington (22%). On the female side, everyone’s favorite “Friend” Aniston nabbed 29% of the vote, followed by Jennifer Lopez (20%) and Ellen DeGeneres (19%). On the flipside, other than politicians, the two celebs folks would least likely to travel with are the Kardashians (36%) and Kanye West (38%).

 As for where folks would want to take their celebrity travel buddy, it seems Sin City is the place to be, at least domestically. Las Vegas was the top choice of 27% of Americans, although the same amount also chose Paris. And once on vacation with that famous friend, 34% say they’d love to go on al all-expenses paid shopping spree with them, while only 29% would want to go to an awards show or take a private jet with their celeb travel buddy, and 28% would simply want constant selfies.


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