The Top Spring Break Trends Revealed

Believe it or not, Spring Break is just around the corner, and for those still looking to book a vacation, get ready to dip deeper into your wallet. According to, prices for Spring Break vacations, which run from March 18th - April 30th, are expected to be 2% higher this year than last year.

But the site found that there are some deals to be had, depending on when you travel, and what you like to do. Overall, the most popular destinations  showing discounts during that six-week period include Atlantic City (11%), Tampa (9%), New Orleans (8%), and Miami Beach (4%).

Of course, a lot of places are bound to be packed, and if you’re someone who wants to follow the crowd, or stay away from it, the site has also revealed the most popular destinations for that time frame. They include:

  • Big Bear Lake, California
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Moab, Utah
  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • South Lake Tahoe, California
  • Tulum, Mexico


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