Illinois High School Uses A Lottery System To Assign Prom Dates

With the standard for promposals getting higher every year, high school students have to get creative when asking their dates to go. But Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois has a way to make the decision of who to ask to the big dance simple.

Aquin uses a lottery system to match junior and senior boys with their prom dates. In the school library, the guys draw names of girls, while the girls wait in the gym. Then the guys do a skit for them before revealing who they’ll be taking to prom. Unconventional? Yep. But it’s the way they’ve been doing it for 91 years. And their students seem to like it.

The tradition started as a way to ensure everyone would have a prom date and it does ensure no one is left out. 

Source: Yahoo 

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