"Joker" Origin Movie Will Portray Him as a Failed '80s Stand-Up Comedian

joker - getty mages

Some interesting new details came out yesterday about that Joker origin movie that'll reportedly star JOAQUIN PHOENIX.

Supposedly, the Joker will be a wannabe STANDUP COMEDIAN, who turns to crime out of frustration because he's a failure.

Sources say that director Todd Phillips wants the movie to be a little like the 1982 Martin Scorsese movie "The King of Comedy" . . . the one where Robert De Niro plays a deluded comedian who can't catch a break. 

Scorsese is also producing this Joker movie.

But it sounds like they may also be borrowing from the plot of the 1988 graphic novel "The Killing Joke".  In that one, the Joker is a struggling stand-up who snaps after "one bad day" and turns to crime to feed his family.

During a run-in with Batman, he falls into a vat of chemicals and transforms into the Joker as we know him today.

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