Halsey Speak Out About Her Long Battle With Endometriosis

Halsey - Getty Images

Halsey is done with hiding or playing off her painful and long struggle with endometriosis.She recently spoke about her battle while being honored at Endometriosis Foundation of America’s night annual Blossom Ball Monday Night in New York.

She said, “I can’t pretend anymore that just because I’m a pop artist and I’m touring that everything’s perfect and everything’s all good and my skin’s always great and I’m fit and my outfits are always perfect.” 

Halsey went on to talk about the day-to-day impact of the disease and its effect on her self-esteem. She said, “In the process of having everyone pick me apart and feeling so insecure, feeling less of a woman because I couldn't be intimate with my boyfriend, because I couldn't go out when my friends wanted me to, because I was dealing with digestion problems and bleeding problems and fainting and all of the other amazing things that come along with having endo. It was really hard to feel like that confident, 20-something year old girl who wanted to get on the stage with her middle finger held high and make everyone sing along with her.”

Halsey also stresses that she has recently had successful procedures to mitigate some of endometriosis’ effects.

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