Might Want To Think Twice The Next Time You Use A Straw

Straw - Getty Images

Many people believe they are protecting their teeth by drinking through a straw.

However, experts warn that it could be a myth, they say straws do very little to protect teeth from serious damage and using them may do more harm than good.

1. You may end up with ‘smokers lips’ Drinking through a straw could prematurely age the skin around the mouth. This is because people who frequently use straws are repeatedly using the orbicularis oris muscle, which encircles the opening of the mouth. This will cause deep lines around the mouth.

2. It might not protect teeth against staining Many people believe using a straw will protect the teeth from stain-causing drinks like coffee and red wine, but some experts say that’s not the case. The only way to protect the teeth is by placing the straw behind the tongue and sip the drink straight down the throat. But this method is uncomfortable and impractical. It would be similar to taking shots.

3. Drinking through a straw can cause cavities and tooth decay Drinking through a straw does not reduce the risk of cavities. Sugary or acidic liquid still touches your teeth, which means plaque can still form and lead to cavities if you don’t have good oral hygiene.

4. It can cause bloating and gas Each sip through a straw draws air, which can lead to bloating and stomach cramps. When you use a straw you swallow extra air. You get the liquid you’re drinking and the air that’s trapped in the upper part of the straw. That can cause bloating, burping, gas and abdominal pain.

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