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A Couple's Getting Remarried 50 Years After Their Divorce

Harold Holland and Lillian Barnes of Kentucky got married on Christmas Eve way back in 1955.  He's 83 now, and she's 78.

They had five kids in less than 10 years.  Then Harold's job took a toll, and they split up in 1967.  He admits it was all his fault for working too much.

He eventually got remarried about eight years later, but his wife passed away back in 2015.  Lillian's been remarried twice, but her husband also died in 2015.

Then in December, they both showed up at a family reunion and started talking. They'd stayed friends after their divorce, but weren't all that close anymore.

But after they reconnected, they started talking again . . . then started DATING.  And on April 14th, they're getting REMARRIED, more than 50 years after they split up.

One of their grandkids is a minister in New Orleans.  So he's doing the ceremony.

Lillian says she and Harold still have a lot in common.  And even though they got divorced, he says they never really fell out of love with each other. 

(Lexington Herald Leader)

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