Why You Should Never Use these Hashtags on Photos of Young Kids

Getty Images

Images of your kids that you post on social media may seem innocent, but certain strangers will have an even easier time getting their hands on them thanks to your ‘innocent’ hashtags.

Chairman of the Child Rescue Coalition, says pedophiles are searching for hashtags like #BathTime, #NakedKids and #ToiletTraining to easily access snaps of children.

According to the agency, most parents will post 1,500 photos of their child before they turn five. 'The term "sharenting" has been used to describe parents who feel the need to share almost every step of their child’s life on social media, without asking them.

The other feature parents need to be mindful of is the location tool on Instagram - which allows you to pinpoint exactly where that child was in real time. Stalkers can use this information to track you and your child's routine.

According to an expert, ’It has been suggested that 50 percent of images shared on pedophile sites have been taken from parents' social media sites.”

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