This Chicago Restaurant Is The Best Family-Friendly Option In Illinois

Family Eating Meal At Outdoor Restaurant Together

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Illinois is packed with great restaurants, and one of them stands out among the rest when it comes to family-friendly options.

Love Food, the publisher that dubs itself “the tastiest guide on the web,” highlighted the best independent, family-friendly restaurant in every state, the report notes:

“Finding a restaurant that will appeal to all ages, and please even the pickiest of eaters, isn’t easy. Kids can be fussy, teenagers can be fussier, and the majority of adults probably don’t want to spend all of their mealtimes in a soft play area. We’ve scoured the options in every US state to come up with the best family-friendly places to eat, where everyone really can enjoy their dinner.”

So, which one stands out the most in Illinois? Love Food named the Crosby’s Kitchen the best one, located in Chicago. Here’s why it stands out:

“Brunch has become a rather adult affair in many cities, but kids are positively encouraged at this homely restaurant. In fact, those under six eat free at select times. That’s not to say adults, even those dining without children, won’t adore the American comfort food (and, yes, cocktails) on offer at Crosby’s Kitchen. For those arriving with pushchairs, though, there’s plenty of space and absolutely no judgement when it comes to screaming/sticky fingers and so on. With options like chicken fingers, PB&J sandwiches and skillet cookies, though, tantrums are far less likely.”

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