This 1940s Gas Station Restaurant In Chicago Is So Good It'll Surprise You

Car Refueling at Gas Station during the Night

Photo: Getty Images

It might sound sketchy at first, but gas stations serve up some of the best meals around.

That’s why Love Food, the publisher that dubs itself “the tastiest guide on the web,” mapped out the best gas station restaurants across America — and one of them is in Illinois. Love Food pointed out: “While there are still plenty of gas stations serving the same old snacks, there are some dishing out tasty and innovative cuisine. And when service areas and garages have closed down, there are also people who have taken the opportunity to turn these spots into eateries.”

So, which gas station restaurant stood out the most in Illinois? Love Food says Big Star, located in Chicago, is the gas station that serves the best food. Here’s what you can expect:

Big Star has two Chicago locations, each serving freshly-made tacos with inventive toppings like wood-grilled chicken, house-made chorizo, pork shoulder and grilled pineapple. But it's the Wicker Park location that’s really interesting. The restaurant is housed in a now-defunct 1940s gas station, and has stayed true to those roots with décor that includes whitewashed brick, steel beams across the ceiling and garage doors that create an indoor-outdoor space in summer.”

Find the rest of the best gas station restaurants on Love Food’s list here.

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