How Much Does Illinois Decorate For Christmas?

Christmas presents for kids. Advent calendar.

Photo: Getty Images

Tis the season to deck the halls with boughs of holly, and some states go all-out compared to others.

In fact, Lombardo Homes decided to figure out which states decorate the most at Christmas, and which decorations are the most popular. Here’s how they did it:

“We analyzed more than 1,500 Google search terms related to Christmas decorations. For state-level data, we established search volume per capita averages over the past year. We surveyed 1,004 Americans, asking about their Christmas decoration habits. Respondents were 49 percent female and 51 percent male, with an age range of 21 to 70 and an average age of 32 years old.”

Illinois ranks No. 30 in the U.S. on the list of states with the most Christmas decorations, the study found. Which decoration stands out the most? People in Illinois appear to be fans of Christmas lights the most, which is also the second most popular decoration nationwide. In Illinois, that beats out trees, wreaths, Santa and reindeer decorations and more.

Ninety-four percent of people celebrate Christmas in at least some way, and 84% say they decorate, according to a national poll. The most popular time to put up decorations (by far) is the weekend after Thanksgiving. See the full report here.

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